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Do you know anyone else that may have a story to share or that may be interested in contributing to The Lake Country Book?

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• Historical photos, postcards, slides, negatives, maps of Lake Country?
• Historical handwritten letters, perhaps referencing events in Lake Country?
• Family heirlooms that tie to Lake Country?
• Special regional family recipes, possibly handwritten on recipe cards?
• Family traditions having to do with living in Lake Country.
   Examples: participating in a local parade every year, family snowshoeing day
   on the Ice Age Trail each winter, apple picking at a local orchard in the fall…

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Perhaps it's a memorable moment, or a treasured tradition. A story spanning generations, or a piece of local history. A story that encapsulates what Lake Country means to you. Consider being a part of our mission in bridging community, capturing history and sharing your story with generations to come.   

We are interested in all kinds of stories from the community! Please fill out the form below and then click on "SUBMIT" at the bottom of the page. We will contact you within 1-2 weeks if we think your story may be a good fit for the book!