Our Story

We are Katie & Michelle - the co-creators of The Lake Country Book. We first met in 2012 when our oldest children were in kindergarten together. We bonded over our mutual love of photography, design, outdoor adventures, live music, big cities, travel, and life in Lake Country. Over the years we would take our kids on mini day trips to explore Lake Country's iconic places and unearth its hidden gems all the while reflecting on the many pinch-me moments we had about being so lucky to live here! 

As creatives, we quickly realized that we were also dreamers and had lots of ideas. One of those ideas was the Lake Country book. It started off as a off-hand statement - "We could make a book about Lake Country!" - and the idea just continued to grow. The idea soon became a vision. We knew we wanted to make something special. Something that was not only an authentic glimpse into what life in Lake Country truly feels like, but something that would also strengthen the readers' ties to the community as a whole.

Along with featuring beautiful imagery, we set out to share stories from the past and present along with Lake Country's sportsmen & women, recreation, artisans, local specialties and more!

katie Lephardt

graphic designer, artist

Photographer, travel enthusiast

michelle kujawski

After moving to Southeast WI 14 years ago, I longed for the sense of community I’d grown up with in Appleton, Wisconsin. You know, trips to the grocery store where you’d run into familiar faces, or attending a hometown festival and the entire town shows up to celebrate?! After moving from Wauwatosa 9 years ago, my husband Matthew and I found home here in Lake Country. We’re blessed to be raising our three daughters in a community that shares values like “it takes a village” and the importance of “knowing your neighbor”. Beyond the social aspect, I find myself having “pinch me” moments when taking in all of Lake Country’s beautiful landscape. From trekking segments of the ice age trail, refreshing dips in the lake on a hot summer day, to skiing, skating and hiking a snow covered winter wonderland. 

Years living in Lake Country: 9

Favorite things to do in Lake Country:
Discover new hiking trails, family day-tripping around LC on bikes, exploring products at local farmers markets

Current Obsession: Reese Witherspoon's Book Club 🤓

My husband and I moved to Lake Country from Chicago over 11 years ago to be closer to my family. While I didn't grow up in the area, my parents moved to Delafield when I was in college, so I got to know the area well through the years. When my husband and I were first house hunting, we were in complete awe that we could live in a place with so many lakes, trees and natural beauty! We also loved the relaxed, small town feeling and strong sense of community that Lake Country offered while also still being close to several major cities. All these years later, I still have so much appreciation for all of these things!

Years living in Lake Country: 11+

Favorite things to do in Lake Country:
Summer evening boat cruises, hikes along the Ice Age Trail, taking in the peak fall colors

Current Obsession: Pumpkin Spice.

*Photo location courtesy of The Grey Designer.