Lake Country is more than just a place. It's a feeling. Whether you have roots here, or are a transplant from somewhere else...have a second home on one of the lakes or just visit for recreation...Lake Country has something for everyone. Lake Country gets its name from the abundance of lakes in the area, but it’s truly the people that make this place a community. The families, visitors, business owners, makers, farmers and other contributors are what gives life to Lake Country. 

The Lake Country Book will celebrate and share the beauty, culture and lifestyle of the Lake Country area of Wisconsin while also giving nod to interesting or important pieces of history. The book is a visual love letter to Lake Country and its people. It's a simple, yet eclectic compilation of stories and images of nature, recreation, past and present, artisans, local specialties, iconic places & hidden gems of the area. inviting and authentic glimpse into the heart of the people, places and things that together define Lake Country. We hope you fall in love with Lake Country all over again as you page through it - and maybe even learn something new! 

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